The home spirit

A family story

From generation to generation

Gailhaguet is a family home, nestling in the hills of the Verfeillois region, close to the Tarn! It’s a place full of memories. It has seen several generations grow up and continues to bring them together within its walls for our family reunions.

Gailhaguet, an eighteenth-century building modernised by an ancestor during the Second Empire, is the cradle of our family: parents, children, cousins – there are countless people who have crossed paths in the rooms of our house and on the large terrace overlooking the park…..

Gailhaguet is set in a green Tuscan setting, with an unbeatable view of Verfeil when the sun goes down……, not forgetting the hum of the combine harvesters as we sat on the porch on a blue summer’s evening…..

At Gailhaguet, it took all our passion and determination, as local children, to make the transition from dream to reality by working on the continuity of this family estate while respecting the memory of the place. So we had to give Gailhaguet a “second life” or even a “second wind”!

rallying around the family

A beautiful story

We’ve always loved entertaining. The triggering factor was the wedding of our three nephews and nieces, who had chosen Gailhaguet, their childhood home. Over the months of preparing their weddings with them, we discovered a new world, that of wedding organisation and, more broadly, that of events management!

So we moved ahead with our project…., starting with the refurbishment or even total conversion of the Estate as a collective effort, with the support of local partners such as the Comité Départemental du Tourisme de Haute-Garonne, the Verfeil tourist office, etc. And even more concretely, we found a sustained commitment on the part of the local craftsmen to whom we entrusted the work!

2017 was the year in which we brought our project to fruition by restoring the whole of the family estate, including this old farmhouse, a longère-type building (mud and fired brick) typical of the Toulouse region, which for decades was dedicated to farming and which faces the main house.

Every day, we enjoy meeting new people and sharing good times with our customers.

The story is a beautiful one, and has been since 2018, the year we opened!

It’s a family story that continues, a story where the heart speaks, a story with a happy soul….


A place steeped in history…
of family